There’s Plenty to See in EC3

If you want a taste of a past, present and future London, there is no better place to start than the EC3 area of the city. No visit to the English capital would be complete without a trip to its eastern side, where award-winning modern architecture sits side by side with some of the city’s most historic landmarks.

Tourist spots

Start by visiting Aldgate, which was once a gate in the London Wall, or another gate that was not so welcoming – the one into the Tower of London, now known as Traitor’s Gate.

You could search for bargains at Leadenhall Market, which has seen trading since Roman times and now wows visitors with its Victorian architecture. It was the creation of Sir Horace Jones’, London’s surveyor and architect from 1864 until he died in 1887, and has recently been seen as Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter films. Sir Horace’s most famous work is the capital’s Tower Bridge, but he was also responsible for the nearby Old Billingsgate Market.

Energetic visitors can climb the 311 steps up The Monument, which is nearby and was designed to remember the Great Fire of London in 1666. The attraction was started in 1671 and finished in 1677. Sir Christopher Wren’s monument rises 202 feet into the London sky to mark the fact that it is 202 feet from the place in Pudding Lane where the Great Fire is thought to have started. It attracts more than 100,000 visitors ever year, who enjoy an unrivalled view across the city.

Yet another landmark attraction nearby is the Gherkin, or 30 St Mary Axe. Standing at 180 metres, it is the city’s second tallest building and is situated on the former site of The Baltic Exchange. It provides some of the most unique and impressive office space in the capital and stands in the heart of the financial district.

As visitors throng to some of the most well-known landmarks in the world, workers abound in an area that is a hive of high-profile business institutions. There can be few more stimulating places to work that in the office space EC3 has to offer.

Stay the night2

If you fancy a trip to this side of the Thames for either business or pleasure, there are plenty of quality hotel rooms on offer.

The Apex City of London Hotel, just a few steps from St Paul’s Cathedral, London Bridge and the Tower, the Novotel London Tower Bridge, and the DoubleTree by Hilton Tower of London are just a few of the places to choose from nearby.

There is also an abundance of places to eat and drink in the area, catering for every taste and every budget.

If you choose to stay in the area, there is also plenty to keep you entertained after the sun goes down, with a host of pubs and entertainment venues close by.

They say New York is the city that never sleeps, but London’s EC3 is not far behind.

Real Simple Money Saving Tips for You to Try at Home

Money SavingMoney saving is not really a thing you must do because there is a rule regulates it. Even so, it does not mean you can live your life by using all money you earn all the time without even worrying about saving some amount of money.  Having some amount of money in your personal save is great because it means you have something to count on to financially whenever needed. Besides, it also means you can purchase something you cannot really pay immediately because of the quite high price of it.

In order to be able to do money saving perfectly, there are some real simple tips you can try at home. For example, you can try to avoid using your money in stock market. At this point of time, stock markets are really famous among people in all over the world, even among those who are beginners. The fact they do not know is it is quite impossible for newbies to win a lot in this kind of markets in a very short time only. If you are really interested in joining the market, you can firstly understand deeply about everything related to it before join in.

Money saving can also be done by making sure that there is always an amount of money you save every time you get your payment no matter how small it is. By saving money all the time, your saving will always be much more and more than before. One day, it will contain of a quite lot of money without you realizing it. Something which is done consistently like this is in fact better than make a saving only when you have a lot of money. Try these simple tips at home and you will find out about how helpful it is for your financial.

Loan Solution for Bad Credit Borrower

Unsecured LoansMoney is important for all people in the world. People in this modern time need to have lots of money because they can buy all things with their money. When you want to enjoy your life then you must have lots of money. Unfortunately there are so many people who are trapped in bad financial condition. People can’t pay their loan and they don’t know how to cover the other debt. They can’t lend money from other people because they have bad history and bad credit report. What you can do when you are in the same condition? You never need to worry because today you can use bad credit unsecured with personal loans as the solution.

Why bad credit unsecured with personal loans are chosen as the solution for you? It is good solution for all of bad credit borrower. You never need to give documents or other files to lend loan. It means you can borrow loan without need to get risk. You can cover the risk in easy way. Today you can lend money in easy way too. You just need to lend money via online. It means you don’t need to leave your home or your business because you can lend money from all places.

When you want to lend bad credit unsecured with personal loans, you must pay high interest per month. It can become solution for all of you who don’t know where to find loan. Not all lenders will give you money and loan. Bank will reject your application when you have bad credit. That is why you must use this opportunity to get loan in easy way. You must be ready to face the risk. When you can’t pay the loan then your financial condition will become worst time to time. Lending money from your fried or your relatives without paying high interest will help you to make you free from bad financial condition. In the future time, you should consult with financial advisor so you will not be trapped in the same financial condition. You must be free from bad financial condition so you can enjoy your life.

The Accurate Employee Time Clock

The accurate employee time clock is one of the only things that is going to help the business to account for every single dollar that they spend properly. With nice employee time clocks, the employees get paid for all of the hours that they have worked while the business can get a software program that allows them to keep track of hours in sync with their accounting programs. It can be hard to get everyone paid properly on a weekly basis, but these new time clocks can be synced with the accounting programs that the company uses. When the employee hours are put into a platform that automatically tells the business how much everyone has worked, doing payroll becomes much simpler.

The Accounting

The accounting department has to spend a great deal of time trying to figure out who should get paid what amount. Also, they must determine who has worked overtime, who is eligible for overtime and who will be able to get more hours in the future. However, the accounting team gets better information when they are using an automated system that is telling them everything they need to know without doing any research on their own.

The Employees

The employees who are using these software programs have a much easier time clocking in to work, and they also can clock in from a central location that makes it much easier for them to come into work and clock in quickly before they get to work. The ease of use for the employee is something that allows them to feel more comfortable at work while also allowing them to know that they are being paid properly.

When the time clock program is helping the business to pay everyone at the company the right way, it is much better for the company to use these systems to make sure that they are doing everything right. Taxes and benefits can be taken out properly, people who must work a certain number of hours to be eligible for benefits can have their hours cataloged correctly and the business saves money by not wasting time on their time clock systems when the software does all of the work for them.

The best of the time clock systems for businesses are going to save money and time, and businesses can shop now for these systems to make the most of their money and employees’ time.

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